Well, well, well, it appears that you, the subject of this article, have made it to this article about you. (For him, see him; same for her, them, and they.) You have been around since whenever you were born, which was not a happy day for anyone, except for in the very rare rich, white family case. No one likes you, and most people tend to avoid you (except in aformentioned case.) You are also a rare Cryptozoological animal, only found in the most specific of habitats.

These are the primary tenets of you:

  1. You must be stalked by that other guy.
  2. The scientific community of the Intergalactic Planetary Alliance Military (IPAM) must have a unique interest in you for your rarity and constant stalking by that other guy.
  3. There must be incessant links to that other guy's page on your wikia entry.
  4. Your wikia entry must endlessly loop back to you and your relationship with oh, well, you know where this is going.
  5. You must be hated and seen as a burden upon society by the common folk.

History Edit

Nothing is known about your history, other than the fact that you were found in the probe that ended the great Console wars.

Relationships Edit

With that other guy Edit

Your relationship with that other guy is pretty hazy and questionable. On one hand, it seems as if you fear him because he is always stalking you and he never goes away, On the other hand, it seems as if it is in good standing, as you regularly receive Sodomy and were in fact in the middle of this while being in the Space Probe that ended the great console wars.

With IPAM Edit

Your relationship with the IPAM is perhaps even more hazy and questionable than your relationship with that other guy, though it is clear they value you as an interesting subject of study, being the first Xenomorphic lifeform encountered by mankind.

Biology Edit

Little to nothing is known about this subject, other than your epidermal layer appears very similar to the human epidermal layer with the exclusion of the fact that strange red blotches appear equally spaced along the penis and the extremely small size of the organ in question, even when erect.

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